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July 28, 2008

Does Johnny Bunko know best?




Sitting poolside yesterday, I read through a fascinating career book written by Daniel Pink. Yes, that would be the same Daniel Pink who wrote New York Times bestselling  A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future. His message and writing style really resonate with me.

This time, however, I read The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need. Johnny Bunko is not a typical book in many ways. It's written in the Japanese comic style called manga. Visually engaging through the use of illustrated facial expression and movement, it's different than the ordinary career book. The reader feels a part of the story, taking in anecdotal blurbs while also heeding the advice offered to the main character in the story. The advice is relatively straight-forward, but I won't divulge any career secrets here. You'll have to read the book - and it's a fun, quick read.

The book does have good advice and occassional chuckle-inducing scenes. I wonder if readers are more open to understanding an author's point when innovative ways to tell the story are used? In fact, Johnny Bunko will be the topic for a virtual book discussion within the 3D world called Second Life. In any case, check this book out for yourself and keep a few set of chopsticks in your desk drawer... you might need them someday.

June 30, 2008

Welcome to Our Community




PhotoHi, my name is Rob Harles and I run the Sears & Kmart Community. I am pretty new to this role - I have only been here a few months. So, you may need to forgive some of bumps that are likely to occur along the way. I hope you are enjoying the experience so far, and I am looking forward to getting your feedback as you use the site.

Why We Started a Community

We really want to get to know our customers better, and the best way to do that we think is to talk with you directly.

Truth is, in spite of a lot of hard work and good intentions, we don't always get it right. So, we want to hear from you: what you like, what you don't, and what you think we should add or change. We invite you to be candid and also constructive. Of course, we’d also love to hear about your positive experiences whether you’ve shopped in one of our stores or online. Knowing this will help us shape a new retail experience which we hope will meet your needs today and into the future.

Coming Soon

Shortly, you will be able to create your own groups and forums. Whether you enjoy DIY projects, fixing your car, sports or crafting, there will be a place for you to share your ideas, express your thoughts and connect with others. Look for an incentive program coming soon that rewards you for being an active participant in our community! As you post comments, write reviews, get others to join and are helpful to other members, you will become eligible for a variety of thank-you gifts and special offers.

Your Community

On a personal note, this is your community. While we may add functions and suggest ideas, we really want you to provide the content and direction. You can talk with us, but you can also talk with each other. So, take time to build your profile, write some reviews, and post your comments, ideas and photos. Most importantly, invite your friends and family to join. With your help this will be a fun and exciting place to be.

Feel free to write me, I will be looking for writers and guests to participate in this blog. We may even encourage you to start your own. Got an idea, let me know.