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May 07, 2009

An Excellent Source of Information!




BluecrewguyinMA It's time to announce our Simple Thanks Winner! BlueCrewGuyInMa is the recipient this month.  I know many of you have benefited from his wide range of knowledge!  The MySears Community is lucky to have such an informative poster.  His advice about appliances and electronics have been especially helpful.  Even our onsite customer service team is consistently impressed with the vast amount of insight BlueCrewGuy has doled out.   Check out some of his suggestions:

Advantages of a Front Loader Washer

Gas or Electric Dryer?

Convection Oven

Stop by BlueCrewGuy's MySears page to congratulate him!  Thanks, BlueManCrewGuyInMa-Your contributions are truly appreciated by all who visit MySears!



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