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February 09, 2009

Marching around with Marinemom2000




Marinemom2000  It's that time again! Time to say "Thank you" to one of our members that has gone above and beyond in the community! 

Meet Marinemom2000! It's all about family with Marinemom2000. With five kids, including two sons and a son in law in the marines, we couldn't be more excited that she has chosen to spend some of her time here in our community!

We are always interested in our members and their ideas about Sears, Kmart, shopping, the community or any other interesting topics that you can think of! Marinemom2000 and many other members shared some great feedback on topics such as what it means to be an active member as well as idea on how we can better the community. Her participation has certainly not gone unnoticed and her feedback has sparked lots of intriguing conversation. So, be sure to check out the discussion boards, a great way to send your ideas and find out what others have to say as well. Because Marinemom2000 has been such a positive contributor we thought we would send her a big "thank you!!"

We are honored to have her and her family members fighting for our country and we are honored to have her in our community!


One of your community leaders,