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December 09, 2008

Hold on to your golfballs... it's MadGolfer!




Madgolfer_2One of the reasons we do Simple Thanks is to let our members know how much we appreciate their contributions and also to let them know that we are listening! Madgolfer happens to be one of those members so we absolutely wanted to let him know that our ears at both sk-YOU and Sears are open. What does it mean to be an active member? On sk-YOU, it can be whatever you want... from writing reviews to participating on our discussion boards. Madgolfer has put forth his own ideas... take a look at what gets this golfer swinging!

If you need a good laugh... take a look at his topic of Funniest Retail Stories!

On a more serious note, read what Mad Golfer has to say about How we can Improve Sears and Kmart and give us your 2 cents as well!

As our featured reviewer and Simple Thanks winner of the week, MadGolfer has earned it! Don't forget to stop by his page and let him know!


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