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November 17, 2008

New York, New York!




Rochesterian80Don't get me wrong, I am a Red Sox fan all the way. However, this New Yorker has been pretty fabulous in the community so it's not a problem for me to look past this possible Yankees fan (Mets maybe?). Rochesterian80 has been a member on sk-YOU since July... almost since we started!... and has been a great contributor.

After posting 6 reviews, Rochesterian80 has jumped in on the discussion boards and provided some great feedback!! What do you think about the Sears brand in general or the brands that the store carries? There are so many ideas and thoughts surrounding the subject since it really can affect a store and its success. Rochesterian80 gave us some great insight on the topic.

Check out Getting "Big Name" Apparel and Shoes to read more about consumer's viewpoints on what it means to be a successful.


There are some interesting suggestions, including Rochesterian80's,on how to improve with Kmart try this!! so be sure to take a look at what Rochesterian80 thinks and provide your feedback as well!

Congratulations to Rochesterian80 for being selected as this week's featured member and Simple Thanks winner!


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