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October 05, 2008

Dedication on and off the field!




Nickthetrainer Say helloooooo to Nickthetrainer! This Aerosmith lovin,' HD watchin,' family man has been a member on our site since August and we are glad to have him! He has dedicated himself to becoming our lean, mean, reviewing machine... well maybe not mean, but we certainly look forward to reading some of his reviews. Take a look at a couple of his reviews that we thought were great so far!

Keurig Elite B40 Cofee Maker

Blackberry - Curve 8300 Cell Phone

Funny how he mentions that once he purchased his Blackberry he wasn't able to put it down and fittingly calls it his "Crackberry." We all have our addictions to gadgets and fun toys. Mine was my camera! What's yours??

Congratulations to Nickthetrainer for becoming our Simple Thanks winner this week! Be sure to stop by his page!

One of your community leaders,



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