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September 05, 2008

Say cheese and... Smile!




GigiandadonaiSmiling really is contagious! You can't help but get a big ear to ear grin when visiting GigiandAdonai's profile and looking at her pictures. It's not just her pictures either! The entire community has enjoyed reading her reviews and commenting on her page!

What have we enjoyed so far? This diva in training sure has a sense of scents (her own play on words!). How does one really describe what a perfume or shampoo smells like? I could tell you about the headache I get when I run through department stores taking a whiff of all of the different perfumes when I'm trying to find a good one but that probably wouldn't help you very much. GigiandAdonai does a a fantastic job in taking on the scent challenge! She certainly has persuaded me to try Coco Chanel. Who doesn't want that "I belong in Hollywood" appeal? Who knew that a perfume could deliver glitz and glamor?! I will take a bottle of that please!

There is so much more to enjoy with GigiandAdonai, from books to snacks to movies. We have certainly become one of GigiandAdonai's biggest fans and you should too so make sure and congratulate her on winning the Simple Thanks!

One of your community leaders,



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