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August 01, 2008

Don't start pulling your hair out! Check out mlk001's reviews to get some answers!




Mlk001Our new featured member of the week and Simple Thanksrecipient is... mlk001!!  

Although he says you can usually find him pulling his hair out, frequently (and we hope he does not harm any more hairs on his head!) mlk001still manages to be practical, tech savvy and value conscious... and has a great sense of humor! Check out his reviews on those big ticket items like cars (The Mercury Mountaineer), cell phones (The Blackberry Curve) and dishwashers (Maytag). With a touch of personality and flair and lots of details, you know you can rely on mlk001 to provide you with some quality information and advice. Don't believe me? Take a look at his pledge on scribbles! OK, so maybe it's not a pledge to write to most perfect reviews but what more can you ask for than swell hygiene and proper grammar?? You've got to appreciate the little things in life like smelling nice and righting good (I joke, I joke). Pledge or not, his detailed profile and consumer friendly reviews have really made him stand out in the community and we have noticed!

We truly appreciate mlk001's enthusiasm and positivity on the site and look forward to seeing more of him! Don't forget to stop by his page and congratulate him!

One of your Community Leaders,



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