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August 08, 2008

Variety from all Over the World!




Strawberrybl1050Meet Strawberrybl1050, this weeks Simple Thanks winner and featured member of the week!

She describes herself as practical, into trying new things and a pet lover! Having lived all over the United States, Strawberrybl1050 brings great variety to our community! From reviews on Ruby Tuesday's and the Avacado Turkey Burger (anyone hungry??) to reviews on cars like the Honda Civic, she has really put some meat and fuel into her descriptions. Take a look at her pageto get some ideas on what you can review or if you want to see some of her adorable pictures (she is an animal lover like me!) there are some furballs and cute babies in her photo corner.

That's not all! Strawberrybl1050 has also been making some great contributions in our forums on topics like a Remodeled Kmart and her Most Recent shopping Experiences, so head on over and let us know what you think!

She may have her own little santa on her lap but it's Strawberrybl1050 that's granting our wishes for a lively and unique community! We look forward to having her become a part of our growing site! 

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