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5 posts from August 2008

August 29, 2008

Details, details, details! That is what Zwep is all about!




ZwepMeet Zwep! He is our practical, value conscious, techie here on sk-you!  When it comes to technology and knowing the ins and outs of purchases, he is your guy. I'm not just talking about where and how much either! No, no. How about info on durability, performance and functionality! I bet you didn't know the DTV-PAL (digital converter box) and all other converters will only pick up the stations that will be broadcast in digital format after Feb 2009? Ok, maybe you did, but I didn't!! With such quality and detail in his reviews, Zwep is sure to provide you with some valuable and helpful advice that could come in handy!

Speaking of helpful advice... Like Zwep, I've also got a HP laptop and a Volkswagen and learned quite a bit about both from reading his reviews! If you're looking to purchase a big ticket item such as a computer or a car he can tell you about what to look for and what to avoid so check out his page to find out what you should be digging into when spending the big bucks!

Zwep and his reviews embody exactly what the sk-you community is all about and we couldn't be more excited to have here! Make sure to say hi and let him know how great his reviews are!

One of your community leaders,


August 22, 2008

It's victory with VictoriousMary!





What is the key to VictoriousMary's success? She loves to read for fun, she's into trying new things and she's practical, all things that make her reviews, forum posts and profile worth reading!

If you are looking for a good book to read, VictoriousMary has some great feedback on books like the recently popular Who Moved My Cheese and the oldy but goody, The Poisonwood Bible. If you are a mom, or soon to be mom, VictoriousMary recommends trying Love you Forever. Visit her page for more great book reviews, including suggestions on some interesting reads and even a few that she might tell you to avoid.

We are excited to have VictoriousMary as part of the sk-you community! Her reviews as well as input in forums such as the Sears Experience and the topic of Raising Morale in Sears are certainly valued! Don't forget to visit her page and give a congrats for winning!

One of you Community Leaders,


August 14, 2008

Where did we find Philster001?




Philster001 Everywhere!! This week we are more than excited to introduce you to Philster001, an avid traveler as well as our Simple Thanks winner and featured member!

He has been all over the country and we are sure glad he landed here on sk-you! As a cost conscious frequent traveler Philster001can give you the low-down on hotels like The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, CA or The San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. Traveling these days can sure sometimes be a hassle but with someone like Philster001to provide tips on hotels and airlines and even places to eat and shop, the process can run a lot smoother!

Fly on over to Philster001's page to congratulate him on winning this week!

August 08, 2008

Variety from all Over the World!




Strawberrybl1050Meet Strawberrybl1050, this weeks Simple Thanks winner and featured member of the week!

She describes herself as practical, into trying new things and a pet lover! Having lived all over the United States, Strawberrybl1050 brings great variety to our community! From reviews on Ruby Tuesday's and the Avacado Turkey Burger (anyone hungry??) to reviews on cars like the Honda Civic, she has really put some meat and fuel into her descriptions. Take a look at her pageto get some ideas on what you can review or if you want to see some of her adorable pictures (she is an animal lover like me!) there are some furballs and cute babies in her photo corner.

That's not all! Strawberrybl1050 has also been making some great contributions in our forums on topics like a Remodeled Kmart and her Most Recent shopping Experiences, so head on over and let us know what you think!

She may have her own little santa on her lap but it's Strawberrybl1050 that's granting our wishes for a lively and unique community! We look forward to having her become a part of our growing site! 

One of your Community Leaders



August 01, 2008

Don't start pulling your hair out! Check out mlk001's reviews to get some answers!




Mlk001Our new featured member of the week and Simple Thanksrecipient is... mlk001!!  

Although he says you can usually find him pulling his hair out, frequently (and we hope he does not harm any more hairs on his head!) mlk001still manages to be practical, tech savvy and value conscious... and has a great sense of humor! Check out his reviews on those big ticket items like cars (The Mercury Mountaineer), cell phones (The Blackberry Curve) and dishwashers (Maytag). With a touch of personality and flair and lots of details, you know you can rely on mlk001 to provide you with some quality information and advice. Don't believe me? Take a look at his pledge on scribbles! OK, so maybe it's not a pledge to write to most perfect reviews but what more can you ask for than swell hygiene and proper grammar?? You've got to appreciate the little things in life like smelling nice and righting good (I joke, I joke). Pledge or not, his detailed profile and consumer friendly reviews have really made him stand out in the community and we have noticed!

We truly appreciate mlk001's enthusiasm and positivity on the site and look forward to seeing more of him! Don't forget to stop by his page and congratulate him!

One of your Community Leaders,