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August 29, 2008

Details, details, details! That is what Zwep is all about!




ZwepMeet Zwep! He is our practical, value conscious, techie here on sk-you!  When it comes to technology and knowing the ins and outs of purchases, he is your guy. I'm not just talking about where and how much either! No, no. How about info on durability, performance and functionality! I bet you didn't know the DTV-PAL (digital converter box) and all other converters will only pick up the stations that will be broadcast in digital format after Feb 2009? Ok, maybe you did, but I didn't!! With such quality and detail in his reviews, Zwep is sure to provide you with some valuable and helpful advice that could come in handy!

Speaking of helpful advice... Like Zwep, I've also got a HP laptop and a Volkswagen and learned quite a bit about both from reading his reviews! If you're looking to purchase a big ticket item such as a computer or a car he can tell you about what to look for and what to avoid so check out his page to find out what you should be digging into when spending the big bucks!

Zwep and his reviews embody exactly what the sk-you community is all about and we couldn't be more excited to have here! Make sure to say hi and let him know how great his reviews are!

One of your community leaders,



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